"Mandy exhibits many favorable traits and an incredible work ethic.  She is passionate about her work as a therapist and thinks creatively to make her tasks interesting for her and her patient; she is able to “think outside the box” to achieve the desired result. She pays remarkable attention to detail and plans accordingly for any mishaps that may come up.  She is determined and dedicated to her tasks at hand to follow through.  She is a great communicator; she listens carefully and is able to get her ideas across simply and effectively. She is not afraid to ask questions.  Decision-making is also a very important skill in physical therapy in which Mandy’s decisions are always sound and well thought out.  Although with her expertise as a therapist, Mandy is not above helping with the smaller, more menial tasks as to help things run smoothly."


Liz Kimbrough
Office Manager
John West Physical Therapy