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  What We Do

Why? Well why not?

You were blessed with a great talent and the ability to influence others just by being you. Selfless deeds can make a huge difference, just do soemthing and see what happens. Or better yet, let us do it for you.

Think back throughout your life...where you once lived, or went to school, maybe a person who made a difference in your life, someone who inspired you to do great things.

We know you want to do the same. What about a family member or friend who suffered from a disease or a disability? You're in a position to touch many people's lives and help others not have a to suffer the same diseases, disabilities or misfortunes you may have witnessed others endure.

• None of us are too BIG to do something small. Sometimes we don’t stop and think that…
• $100 might not buy us much in our daily lives, but for a charity it can buy school supplies for an entire public school class, or new shoes for 10 underprivileged children.
• $500 assists 1 person for 1 year with the repair of a wheelchair or leg braces.
• $789 sends one disabled child to summer camp
• $2000 can purchase 1 wheelchair, leg braces or a communication device for someone who otherwise would not be able to afford it.

What seems small to us is HUGE to others. You can do uncommon work through uncommon deeds.

We know that you are a very busy person in a very busy world. That’s where we come in. Give us your vision and we will make it happen. We are here to manage your Benefit from beginning to end. Afraid you don’t know what charity to support, or how to set up your own foundation? That’s just the beginning, and that’s where we step in. Leave those worries to us. If you think that you don’t want to have a benefit alone then let’s get a few more of your friends onboard to do it with you!

Nothing feels better than knowing that the money you’ve helped raise will bring research one step closer to finding a cure or put food on a hungry childs plate. Yes you, you can make this happen and we are here to make sure it does. Put your “trust” in us and see the “interest” it brings. This is not our BENEFIT, it’s yours… we take your thoughts, charm and personality and make it an event to remember that will impact everyone involved. This will be your “first annual benefit” of many to come. Don’t let fear hold you back from making a huge impact.

Big Hearted Babes will be responsible for the following:
• Budgets & Book keeping – log all income & expenses in an excel grid
     o Expenses
            Get things donated that event needs vs. renting or paying for
            If we must pay get price cuts & discounts
            Shop for best deals
• Coordinating
     o Event from A to Z
     o Confirm location & rental deal
     o Make sure all permits are taken care of
     o Put any tents, tables & chairs on hold
• Sponsorships
     o Create pitches
     o Determine & define sponsorship levels
     o Recruit & negotiate & secure new sponsors
     o Get past sponsors to recommit for this year
     o Create sponsor contracts
     o Meet with sponsors to make sure they are taken care of
     o Be sponsors day of contact for any questions or concerns on site
     o Order all event banners w/ sponsors logos included on them
     o Oversee production & design of event merchandise that might be included in the sponsorship packages
• Ticketing
     o Determine how tickets will be sold
     o Build show for on sale
     o Coordinate pre sale & public on sale date
     o Define ticket prices
     o Decide if there will be a group discount. If so what?
     o Create “packages” to sell on Ebay
     o VIP tickets
           How many do we want included in VIP ticket
           How much will tickets be to purchase
• Talent
     o Create a talent wish list
     o Determine talent budget
     o Send requests to talent & agents
     o Confirm talent
     o Coordinate pre sale with artists fan clubs
     o Advance w/ artists regarding hospitality and bus parking
     o Coordinate M&G artists & VIP ticket holders
• Vendors
     o Secure vendors to set up booths at event
     o Logistics
           Power for vendors
           Parking
           Determine if they pay us a fee to be there or % of sales
           Patrons pay with money to vendors or meal tickets
• Volunteers
     o Recruit volunteers for clean up in VIP tent
     o Clean up after show
     o Ticket takers
     o Registration
     o Food servers
• Advertising & Promotion
     o Coordinate with media outlets on when PSA’s will run
     o Create trade offers with media
     o Help decide if there is money for advertising if so what the budget is
     o Coordinate & draw up all e-mails for e-mail blasts
     o Design event website
     o Coordinate production of designs for event posters, ads & fliers
     o Keep up with marketing ad plan
           When ads run & with what media outlet
           When stories run in press & with what media outlet
     o Find all ways to promote event
     o Correspond with local businesses for in store promotions