"There’s not one title that could describe the many extra jobs & responsibilities Deanna took on as our Promoter Representative.  We’ve become spoiled by her ability to go above & beyond and make everyone – from George, to his crew who’s are the first one’s up in the morning & the last ones to leave at night - feel at home while on the road.  To say she’s the “Queen Bee” might come close to defining everything she does for us advancing the tour, at each show, to even doing reports after the tour is over.  Anyone could consider themselves both lucky & in extremely capable hands to have her on their “team”. 

Deanna has a huge heart and has long been a supporter of many great causes.  And by supporter – I mean she digs in and not only cares about those the cause is benefiting but makes everyone involved want to continue to take part.  She’s an inspiration to those of us who wish we could find the time to do as many good things for other people as she’s done.  She has the unique ability to make people want to participate and at the same time have a great time.


Manager for George Strait