Big Hearted Babes took flight after realizing that a lot of people have the desire to give back and make a difference but they don’t have the extra time or know how to plan a benefit. The fact that there are individuals who want to do something is what’s important. Giving back to others should not be overlooked just because one might not know where to start or how to create a successful benefit.

Big Hearted Babes take pride in specializing “BENEFITS”. We realize that we live in a world that takes and takes and takes. We want to help you in giving back, making a difference and standing up for something that you believe in. Big Hearted Babes will guide you in finding a charity that fits you and what you are passionate about. We will take care of all the details of your benefit from overseeing budgets, sponsorships, advertising, promotions & ticketing all while capturing your unique personality and style.

Big Hearted Babes main priority is to transform your ideas, enthusiasm & generosity into a fabulous benefit. What are you waiting for, YOU CAN make a difference.

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